Ban Bus Europa – Balkans to Oslo

europa route.indd, originally uploaded by banbus.

This route might be updated, please check here for last version!

Ban Bus will embark on a 10 000 kilometres long journey from October until December 2008 through states in east and west Europe to build support for a total ban of cluster bombs. Ban Bus operates in close connection with Cluster Munition Coallition (CMC).

The Ban Bus is a rolling public awareness platform and media opportunity. It’s a portable event that is self contained and brings expert speakers and exhibitions to any community wishing to learn about the issue of cluster bombs. This presentation in its self is a strong advocacy tool and media event. It’s a platform to impart the information about the problem of cluster bombs and the need for a total ban. It works by hitting a community hard and fast then moving on. It’s fast, exciting and challenging.


Last day in each location should be allocated for travelling to the next location. Travel time for the Ban Bus should include time for filming, photographing and documenting the journey, therefore allow more time than direct driving. This timetable allows enough time to allocate events in each location given the restricted timeframe we are operating under.

Belgrade 1–5.10

Sarajevo 6–8.10

Pristina 9–11.10

Skopje 12–13.10

Athens 14–16.10

Istanbul 17–20.10

Bucharest 21–24.10

Sofia 25–28.10

Travel day 29.10

Zagreb 30–31.10

Venice 1–2.11

Geneva 3–7.11

Prague 8–11.11

Warsaw 12–15.11

Vilnius 16–18.11

Riga 19–21.11

Tallinn 22–25.11

Helsinki 26–28.11

Stockholm 29.11–1.12

Oslo 2.12