What you can do?

  • Take ownership of the Cluster Munitions Campaign (CMC) by making your organization signing up as a member of the CMC coalition in Ireland. You’ll help build this movement by reaching out to fellow members in your community and making sure as many people as possible learn about cluster bombs and how to ban them.
  • Use the Ban Bus web site and follow the links to other sites to educate yourself about the subject. Form an opinion!
  • Introduce your friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers to the Cluster Munitions Coalition. Let them know why you support a ban of cluster bombs and encourage them to join our movement for change. Pass the link of The Ban Bus!
  • Participate on The Ban Bus creative workshops, an organizing tool that empowers you to take this campaign into your own hands. Connect with other supporters in your area and find out about local events, or create your own organizing group and schedule your own events.
  • Sign the petition to ban cluster bombs.

Become part of a movement that has concrete impact on changing the world.

Do you want the Ban Bus to come to you? Contact us either by email, skype or phone and we will organize a visit together with you. We talk to schools, community groups, organizations, political parties, etc. We also talk to smaller informal groups, for instance ask your local pub or church to host an event for yourself, your friends and anyone that are interested. We appreciate if you can assist us to get in touch with local media in your community when we visit you.

Please make sure you specify the exact address of where you want us to speak so we can find you by using our GPS, an indication of how long time it will take to get there from Dublin, the dates and times that will suit to run the event, as well as what kind of audience you expect us to meet with, if they have any particular interests and how many people you expect wil turn up. Please also specify what local media that is available in your area and if you can help us to organize interviews.

We are also in the process of making a film about The Ban Bus that will be screaned during the conference, one important part of this will be The Ban Bus interviewing local people. We appreciate if you can help us to identify politicians, influential, well spoken local people that we can interview.

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Ban cluster bombs!