Scarcity drives profit. This simple fact is a very real yet disturbing fact about the current world we live in, things increase in value if there is less of them. The problem with this is that the population is growing, and we desperately need more not less of every resource, but since there is money to be made, only those who have the cash can get their hands on a plentiful amount and herein lies a great problem. With the resource based economy that the Venus Project proposes we will no longer live in this one sided society, because scarcity will be put to rest as will money. If we center ourselves around the natural resources which keep us alive and focus on spreading them evenly amongst the people, there will be no need for people to starve. There will also be no need for a currency that is traded in exchange for these goods because everyone will be entitled to equal proportions, and it is in this equality that the social aspects of the Venus project rise to the surface.

Without a monetary system in place and with everyone on the same level economically, the problems we face in society will essentially become non-existent. Think about the atrocities of war that have been committed over the acquisition of land or oil, gone. The negative view of immigrants would disappear immediately as there is nothing for them to hypothetically take away from the natives of that area, instead they also bring equal resources, which if shared increase abundance. Probably most radical of all the welcome side effects here is the idea that the laws themselves will become redundant. Virtually every prisoner made their way to their cell through a series of choices that were caused in some way by them not having enough of what they needed. It goes without saying that areas in poverty have higher crime rates, and even on a psychological level the decrease in stress that safety and security bring with them would sculpt an entirely new mindset.

To make this resource collective happen The Venus Project encourages us to use our advancement in technology to harness the energy of nature and use our skill set to create eco friendly tools. For example, solar power today is in its infancy, whereas if we tapped into the radiation that comes our way, in a year we could capture enough to supply the globe’s energy thousands of times over. This is without the untapped potential of wind, wave and geothermal energy that are all clean and renewable. Using these abundant sources not o
nly provide for us but begin to reverse the effects we have had on our planet.

Using mass automation to perform repetitive, laborious work and using magnets to power long distance transport are among just some of the other paradigm shifting ideas proposed. In a world where struggle has been ingrained into our culture its hard to even imagine a world that operates in this manner. But this doesn’t mean that it is impossible, the Venus project may well be the light at the end of our darkened tunnel.