Today there is a new currency on the market. Putting the puzzling rise of cryptocurrency aside, huge companies are inventing new ways to gather, mine, buy up and vacuum this new stuff up in the digital equivalent of the gold rush. This priceless new gem is our data, and thanks to the paradigm shift of recent years often times its not too difficult to acquire. It seems every week another formerly honorable shepherd leaves our information out for the wolves. The following are a few companies coming under scrutiny in the wake of upcoming data atrocities.

The Known – Facebook

By now many of us have seen the alien looking, sweaty browed oblong that is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerbergs face in a picture or two. Appearing before congress in April of 2018 the young entrepreneur became apologetic about the misuse that had occurred under Facebook’s nose, taking responsibility for the company and its ineffective security. The malicious use of this data involved a parade of fake news and political parties using collected information to push their agenda. With this gargantuan blunder now out in the open, Facebook is trying to amend the harm and remain as transparent as possible about its data collection, but some argue that the harm has already been done.

Facebook itself is a terrifying invention of modern technology, primed for the exploitation of so much of our data, looked at objectively it is a frightening phenomenon. Most people no doubt see it as the product it was marketed as, a huge digital address book that allows users to message others in their network. This idea has swiftly evolved into a place where people freely dump gigabytes of data. Family photos, scheduled occasions, live check-ins and video, and stacks and stacks of personal information.

Remember when ‘Your Mothers Maiden Name’ used to be a legitimate security question?

Now people everywhere can access that information in a matter of clicks, not to mention all the different images and time stamped diary entries they have access to. Facebook is a product that flourishes on the complete opposite end of anonymity, and still nearly a third of the world’s inhabitants continue to chronicle almost every event of their existence here. Experts agree that Facebook is a huge hazard hiding in plain sight.

The Expected – Whatsapp

The messaging platform that has almost made the standard messaging capabilities of smartphones obsolete has over 1.5 Billion users. This is now a pretty standard place for most people to send and receive messages with family, friends and acquaintances. since using the platform is free, the costs that would usually be charged by phone companies no longer apply, meaning Whatsapp is far more favorable to the underprivileged or indeed anyone who is money conscious. This means that the personal conversations that can not be conducted face to face are sent through here instead, meaning all your messages, pictures and videos are in the hands of CEO Mark Zuckerberg. That’s right, the same man whose huge company is now renowned for being lax with everyone’s data is the gatekeeper to all of your most intimate messages.