Anti-nuclear movement refers to the social change that is opposed to nuclear weapon production and electricity generated by nuclear power plants. Anti-nuclear organizations emphasize the sources of alternative energy, the atomic weapons proliferation perils, the possible environmental hazards, and the nuclear-industry worker’s safety. Many anti-nuclear activists are pushing for the technologies of alternative energy to meet the human needs before fossil fuel’s depletion.

The Fear is Real

Currently, the US president, after a long time, is speaking about nuclear weapons and people are scared. President Donald Trump is hitting the headlines showing his keenness to rebuild the nuclear arsenal.

 Former presidents Obama and Clinton invested billions for the sanction of treaties that were to restrict the deployment and testing of US atomic weapons.  The fact stays that the United States has an agreement with Russia to decrease the deployed warheads, and billions were spent each time on nuclear weapons. However, the current president is geared to restart nuclear testing and is all set to build new nuclear weapons so that the military can use it in conflict.  The vision of President Trump is terrifying, and the world is at the mercy of the United States leaders, who are showing support toward this insane pursuit. 

Inherited Madness

The buildup of weapons in the disguise of policies relates to nothing but death and destruction. It is regarded as a part of the system that is an inherited madness. Through the atomic age, the world went through shocking policies and practices during the nuclear war. The states having atomic weapons now ridicule and threaten governments, while the citizen movements do not support nuclear weapons. The political conditions do not welcome this initiative to foster nuclear disarmament and argue that it will destabilise the world order.  There are enough scientific facts about the nuclear weapons and the catastrophic impacts it has done in association with moral and legal obligations to neutralise this mad quest in the name of power.

A nuclear war ends civilisation. The use of atomic weapons is viewed as a basic morality and international law violation. Nuclear weapons need to be eliminated.  This is the objective and core belief of major countries in the world. This institutionalised madness of blocking the way and breaking the system today is a big challenge that calls for the rise of the global anti-nuclear movement.

Time to Oppose

From the 1980s there has been no mass movement against nuclear weapons. It does not mean antinuclear activism is over. However, the fact that public alertness regarding nuclear weapons frittered away and that the antinuclear movement experiences struggle for engagement and visibility cannot be denied. There is a need to oppose nuclear weapons fiercely as it is not the tool of security and safety. A fierce resistance indicates connecting with other initiatives and movements for social change. There is a necessity for racial justice, climate change, political life diversity, indigenous rights and much more applicable to challenge nuclear weapons. There is a demand to work locally and to divert public funds from the production of atomic weapons. A fierce resistance indicates educating politicians, parliamentarians, legislators and government officials about the ban of nuclear weapons.