This year, the pandemic has not only knocked out the ground from the base of many companies but has also become a catalyst for an increase in cyber attacks. Damaged companies have become an easier target for malicious hackers. Cyber security experts point out that individual cyber security measures are often not enough to monitor and prevent their attacks. As a result, security operations centers are being developed to ensure a comprehensive corporate security strategy.

Security Operations Centers - Concentrated Defense Against Cyber Attacks
Security Operations Centers – Concentrated Defense Against Cyber Attacks

The Reasons

Experts say that cyber attacks take place in the world in every 40 seconds, as a result, in the current business climate, you need to ask yourself what the possible consequences could be expected and how to prepare for it properly.

Cyber ​​incidents affect companies of all sizes and in different sectors. This is confirmed by the global statistics. The goal of most attacks is financial gain, so the most tangible consequence is financial loss. However, this kind of attacks often seek to disrupt critical infrastructure for a variety of reasons. For example, the most vulnerable sectors this year were medicine and pharmacy.

Statistics for 2020 already show that the most common types of incidents this year were similar to last year: phishing, other social engineering methods, ransomware, and data breaches. The reasons are clear: this year, many companies have moved to virtual space, IT professionals have moved from offices to work from home, making it much more difficult to detect attacks and deal with incidents.

Notice In Time

Security operations centers protect not only companies as legal entities, the information they contain or process, but also the employees. When malicious or risky activity is detected, the program can take immediate action to protect the confidentiality of computer workstations, the staff that manages them, and the content that is administered and used. If an organization does not have an internal or external security center, cyber incidents can go unnoticed for a long time.

It is common to think that cyber attacks take place at the speed of light, but this is not the truth. It can take weeks or even months from the initial point of the breach to the attack and loss. One of the main functions of the security center is to prevent incidents in time. Businesses with security centers know better what is going on in their infrastructure, monitor anomalies, have proven tools to prevent threats, and can quickly protect property and people when they are detected.

In the Event of an Incident

In the event of a cyber incident, it is recommended not to panic and remain calm. Monitoring is performed by the cyber security analysts who detect any potential incidents and validate them. If a cyber incident is observed, it is important not to wait for its consequences, but to conduct an initial investigation. This means checking the system and providing the initial data associated with the incident. When an incident is detected, the triage takes place to find out was the incident caused by an IT failure, human error, or whether it is related to malicious behavior. When such an incident is identified, it is classified as a cyber incident and it is analyzed.

In the Event of an Incident
In the Event of an Incident