By far one of the most popular controversies and theories to ever be declared to the world is the inevitability of global warming. This process is when overall global temperatures increase due to higher percentages of carbon and heat retaining gasses in the atmosphere. This causes the glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic to melt and cause ocean levels to rise and eventually swallow land areas. Although there is substantial evidence of such an occurrence, many still refuse to believe in its truths. Many individuals and scientist now work hard to find out whether this event is possible or if it is just a harmless hoax. However recent events and climate patterns say that global warming is an absolute possibility.

Changes In Climate

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The most telling aspect of the inevitability of global warming is the changes in temperature around the world. Along with the sudden increase in the rate of breaking and melting glaciers, the temperature around the world has shown a dramatic improvement in the last ten years. Many graphs and maps created and graphed show at least a 2.5-degree increase during this time. However, instead, of temperature increase occurring in the tropical zones of the world, shockingly the highest temperature increase occurred in the Arctic. This posed a significant problem to surrounding countries and glaciers as water levels increase when the ice melted. Climate is just one symptom of global warming. However, the rise in sea levels is a result of this symptom. An example of sea levels rising is the Arctic sea, which has increased its volume dramatically in a decade.

Animals Affected By Temperature Change

According to theories many studies, the earth has already passed its scheduled ice age. This is due to rising temperatures globally, which stopped the chance of the ice age ever occurring. The increasing of temperatures not only affect the water levels around the world but also affects flora and fauna of surrounding lands, including the Arctic and Antarctic. Polar bears are now an endangered species. This unfortunate incident is due to the sudden spike in temperatures, which has caused the ice caps and glaciers to melt. The reason for the slow endangerment of polar animals such as polar bears is due to the decreasing land area.

The Controversy

The controversy against global warming is that the process is entirely a hoax. Many political leaders support this theory. Although many of the political leaders believe that global warming is nothing but a harmless hoax, many other leaders believe in the possibility of the event. Many debates are continually taking place on whether global warming is real or not. However each time it shut down due to claims that the earth is just climate sensitive. One of the most used reasons for climate change that is used in these debates is that the erratic climate is the reason why these symptoms are being created. Overall, global warming is a debate that is constant and has opposing scientific questions on both sides.